Why ?

Alphas = Male/Female Molester
Epsilons = he/she Victims

  1. There is a subgroup of child molester who molest children simply because they are sexually attracted to them.
  2. There are others who molest because they are antisocial or even psychopathic(Psychopathy is traditionally a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, dis-inhibited, and egotistical traits). Anti-social behaviours are actions that harm or lack consideration for the well-being of others. It has also been defined as any type of conduct that violates the basic rights of another person
  3. There are still others who use children for intimacy they are too timid or impaired to obtain from adults.
  4. One thing is quite common, their compulsiveness. Not to be mistaken for impulsiveness.
  5. If a man who truly believes in hell would be willing to go there in exchange for the chance to molest a child.
  6. Female sex offender appear to be different than male sex offender in important ways.
    1. One of the largest groups is a group that molests children under the age of six, primarily their own. Many of these seem to be fused with their children and unable to act as maternal figure. They have sadistic tendencies.
    2. Secondly There is a teacher/lover group, that primarily molests teenager, There was on an average sixteen year gaps b/w molester and offender. Not generally sadistic. Women in this group, tend to romanticize their involvement with teens and tend to deflect the responsibility onto the teens.
    3. Group of women who are initially coerced into having sex with children by the male partner. Their initial motivations are to generally please the male. However as the time progresses many of these women begin to enjoy the sex with children and eventually molest them on their own.
  7. Regardless of the type of offender, women offenders are capable of causing damage at same severity to their male counterparts. Lack of penis doesn’t stop them from penetrating their victims.

Why children aren’t able to speak ?

“Children freeze when confronted with something they cannot make sense of”

  1. Epsilons will likely wonder, an adult whom epsilon loves and respects can’t be doing anything wrong.
  2. Besides this an adult epsilon’s parent respects. Epsilon will likely wonder if epsilon’s parents know and approve.
  3. Epsilon might even be embarrassed and wonder if epsilon will be blamed.

Why after doing such thing, they can act normal ?

Defining not normal - Signs of hesitation, signs of guilt, signs of uncomfortable, sign of lie, sign of deception.

  1. Moral Medication - Alphas have long ago medicated it through thinking errors, beliefs, such as “children should be free sexually”, “epsilons wants it too”, and “it won’t do epsilons any harm”
  2. People think they are first victims, but that isn’t true. They want it to be true but it isn’t. After years of practice, normal signs of guilt and anxiety wear off.
  3. “You don’t get this Anna. Do you….. I have been lying everyday for last twenty-five years”
  4. If Alphas have been doing this for a long time, their confidence will be high. You will no signs of hesitation or nervousness or fear.
  5. The most important point at detecting deception :-
    1. People aren’t very good at it
    2. People think that they are
    3. The markers people believe will detect deception actually won’t
    4. The things that will detect deception are subtle, easy to miss and not well known. But these traits are like trading strategy once it is known it doesn’t work.
  6. About Guilt - Guilt is not a wild thing. It is not a wolf that patrols a territory, forever suspicious and alert. It’s more like a family dog, who barks at the strange, but not the familiar and can be trained out of the system.
  7. Careful planning is not unusual with sex offenders. “Child molesters are very professional at what they do, and they do a good job of it.”

Who are they ? How do they look ?

  1. Hard it is to accept the idea that a well liked neighbor or family friend might be sexually abusing a child, now imagine the idea that it’s some one in your own family. It’s easy to replace that unwelcome thought with a warmer thought, “not in this family”.
  2. Expecting those particular alphas(molesters/abusers/rapists/psychopaths) to look glaringly different from all others has proved to be an ineffective strategy to prevent child abuse. Popular but ineffective
  3. It is a misconception that child molester are somewhat different from rest of us, outside their proclivities to molest. They can be loyal friends, good employees and responsible members of community.
  4. People often confuse issues of traits of characters with issues of sexual interest. People who may be compulsive pedophiles may, for instance may obey laws in other ways.

Red Flags in victims

  1. Hyperactivity
  2. Fear of being alone with certain individuals
  3. Unusual or exaggerated interest in people’s bodies.
  4. Wearing excessive amounts of clothing.
  5. Stomach pains and digestive problems
  6. Difficulty walking or sitting.
  7. Torn, stained or bloody underwear.
  8. Blood in urine or stool
  9. STD
  10. Pregnancy.

Red Flags in molester

  1. Anomalies and Disharmony -
    1. Anomalies, Example - There are even some adolescent smart enough and with enough self control to set up a double life. He was a straight A student, always neatly and appropriately dressed, always polite and helpful to parents. He never had any green hair, never had any parts pierced, never took alcohol and drugs. Parents considered him to be an ideal babysitter. “They didn’t notice that he never hung around with other adolescents, that he always seemed anxious to spend time with younger children, and that he was particularly eager to babysit”. It can be said as weirdness masked by awesome social acceptance.
    2. Disharmony, Example - More than anything else, it is disharmony that signals deception, when people are telling the truth, their hands, facial expression, voice pitch and words will be in harmony. If they are not telling the truth, their words may sound truthful, but their voice pitch may rise. Or it may happen that they have their words and pitch in control and they may show an emblem that is out of sync with what they are currently speaking. They may decrease, their use of illustrators, or experience a micro expression, a brief fleeting moment of anger just before the smile. One side of face may have more of an expression of concern and other side of face, might have more warmth. But they are easy to miss
      1. Ownership of word - “If they are not committed to word, you shouldn’t be either”.
      2. Self Comparison - When people do violence to people to whom they are connected, they distance them in language as they distance them emotionally. “My gun” becomes “the gun”. Comparison is made when they telling the truth to when they are not.
  2. Distraction -
    1. People who want to deceive often use lots of extra details in order to support the lie that they are telling. The details serve to distract you from the truth – he is a stranger who approached you and you are vulnerable.


  1. It’s never easy to believe a person is child molester. If you have an unconscious bias toward discounting the accusation, you will look for signs bolster your beliefs rather than what challenges it.
  2. People are easier to fool if they have stake in believing the liar.
  3. “We must learn and then teach our children that niceness does not equal goodness. Niceness is a decision, a strategy of social interaction; it is not a character trait. People seeking to control others almost always present the image of a nice person in the beginning.”
  4. “People want to believe something. They want to hope, and they want to believe. They want to, there’s something inside of people that makes them want to believe the best in things and best in others. Because the alternative is not very nice. “
  5. Even when people are warned by a previously founded case, or even a conviction, they still routinely underestimate the pathology with which they are dealing. Niceness and likeability will override a track record of child molestation any day of the week.
  6. Pay attention to ways of deflecting any potential defenders, from getting access to us or to our children. We must consider paying attention to probabilities and avoid high risk situations. For any given situation we mush weigh the odds. (Deflection)

If someone tells abused, will become abusers.

In plain and simple terms it isn’t true. In Pop culture people might consider them, in scientific terms, there is no conclusive study.