After coming to kgp, I have matured as a person. There are still lot of parts which can be termed as childish but it’s ok I think.
But ok today I am not going to talk about myself or tech. Love has been a mystery to me. I don’t undertand how it works, it’s really flammable and volatile. I have discussed about love in a lot of conversation, because it is so fascinating, so much different forms, different ways to express, primal instinct, societal effects. It’s so dynamic and dependent on so many factors that you cannot contain it in a single vessel.

So what is love ?

As per some of previous conversation, I have defined it as “dopamine ride in which you go higher and higher”. In some I defined it as “A decision based on amalgammation of all previous like and dislikes which when flashes in moments, is kind of template matching and then in other moment you realise that you like the person”. Or in some as “Intoxication after long emotional dryness”.

So this all what you think about, How shallow.

No this is not all what I think about love. I think this time I have come to a conclusion, love is flashy when it starts, it is exhilirating but then it transforms, If it becomes dry then it might be a wrong choice. If you are trying hard then again it might be a wrong choice. If you are jealous or insecure then again it might be a wrong choice. If it’s peaceful and you are able to let that person go even when you think he/she might falter and get hurt but then you realise you can’t save a person from him/herself. Because you must understand I think freedom is one thing everyone loves more than any love a person can provide. Why I talk about letting go, because it’s not natural as in feeling, everone wants to hold on to something they love, But if you think with a clear mind void of all emotion then you will understand that even though it doesn’t feel natural it is a natural and logical consequence of the situation. See I think that I am one of those very few people who is the flagbearer of the thought, that relationship should be liberating rather than bounding. You should grow as a person both intellectually and emotionally when you are with that person. I would like to see a world where love liberates people.